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Why We Love Gabby

At 16, Gabby Douglas knows what it means to persevere. When she moved to Iowa to train full-time with one of the best gymnastics coaches, she was just 14. Gabby left her Virginia Beach home, family and friends to pursue her dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast. Thousands of miles away from all that was familiar to her, Gabby sought out to become the best. But it wasn’t easy. Her family faced financial challenges, and Gabby was homesick. She missed her mother and her siblings. Gabby’s older sister tried to encourage her, telling Gabby not to give up. 

And that’s the difference between so many of us and Gabby. When things become too hard, often times we just give up. We say we want something, but we don’t stick it out to the end.

We’re not willing to go through the hard times to get to even better times. We want things to be all good in the beginning, the middle and the end.

Gabby’s faith was tested. Her faith in herself. Her faith in her dream. But she persevered. She says she meditated on Bible scriptures to keep herself motivated. She encouraged herself. She became her own cheerleader. She believed in herself. And she believed that she could have what God had in store for her.

It’s a beautiful thing to see someone as young as Gabby so focused and dedicated to fulfilling the goals she set for herself. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone as young as Gabby smile in the face of her critics and fans. She inspires us at Haven to believe that no matter what challenges you face, no matter what people say behind your back, no matter what people do to you, you have to keep going. You have to keep smiling and to keep chasing dreams. Hopefully she inspires you just the same.

Keep shining,

The Haven Girls Team